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“Two Left Feet receives Editors Choice Award from Children's Tech Review”

18th September, 2013

“boooKAPP added to best new publishing startups at the Franfkfurt Book Fair.”

23rd August, 2013
About boooKAPP
boooKAPP is a technology platform and production pipeline for delivering 3D animated interactive book apps. The technology uses augmented reality (AR) to deliver a truly 3D experience.

Designed to work with tablets and smart phones on both iOS and Android. Users point their device's camera at the physical book, the characters and scenes are brought to life using 3D animation and narration on the screen, appearing as if they are in fact performing on the pages of the book. They can move their device around to explore the animation from any angle and up close providing a true 3D experience.

The technology recognises imagery from the printed page or canvas and then tracks the surface (a process that works out where the page exists in the real world) and then delivers animation on the surface, your very own private stage. The words on the page are brought to life as a voiceover with options to also display the words on screen to assist in word recognition and reading development for young children. Music, sound effects all lead to a rich experience that brings the author's vision to life.

boooKAPP doesn't require QR codes or special reprints. It can work with any existing editions of books.

The technology also allows users without the book to enjoy the full 3D animated experience. They simply print out the included canvas and enjoy the same full experience. Instead of turning pages of the physical book they have an interface allowing them to advance to the next page.

What is AR?
Augmented reality (AR) is a live, direct or indirect, view of a physical, real-world environment whose elements are augmented by computer-generated sensory input such as sound, video, graphics, animation or GPS data. The technology functions by enhancing one’s current perception of reality. By contrast, virtual reality replaces the real world with a simulated one. Augmentation is conventionally in real-time and in semantic context with environmental elements. With the help of advanced AR technology the information about the surrounding real world of the user becomes interactive and digitally manipulable. Artificial information about the environment and its objects can be overlaid on the real world. Source: Wikipedia


“We’ve seen quite a bit of Augmented Reality related to books, but we’ve not seen something quite as spectacular or as engaging as TWO LEFT FEET.”

Louise Sherwin-Stark, Managing Director
Bloomsbury Publishing
boooKAPP Features

You can teach old books new tricks! boooKAPP can transform any book into a 3D animated adventure. Our debut title, Two Left Feet includes a number of features and there are new features being developed for future titles.

Physical Book
boooKAPP can transform any book into a 3D animated adventure using augmented reality technology. It does not rely on QR codes or special reprints and can work with all editions no matter how old.
Designed to also work without the book. Users print out the included canvas and enjoy the full augmented reality experience and all of the 3D animations and narration.
boooKAPP reads the story, page by page, so children who are learning to read can enjoy the story independently. Professionally recorded sound with an option to deliver books with language options.
Integrated Help

We've tested boooKAPP with young kids and it's very easy to use. If you do assistance there is an integrated help system that brings up overlays that help the user find the hotspots for each page.

Social Media
In app functionality allows you to take photos with the characters and then save or share them to social media or email them to friends. Social media functions require the apps, such as Facebook or Twitter to be installed.
3D Animation

boooKAPP was developed by internationally awarded animation studio, Resin. With each production they work to translate the original illustrations into 3D and bring the characters and their worlds to life.

iOS & Android
The boooKAPP technology platform and content is designed to work on both the iOS and Android platforms. Apps are distributed to consumers on both the Apple App Store and Google Play store.
Traditional eBook

In addition to the 3D augmented reality experience we offer the option of including an eBook. This typically uses the original book artwork and the words can highlight as spoken to enhance the learning experience.

For Publishers and Authors
boooKAPP breathes new life in to books – old and new.

boooKAPP is an exciting opportunity for publishers as it presents a unique opportunity to tap into the existing catalogue of much loved classics or start paving the way for next generation integrated boooKAPP's.

Existing Books
boooKAPP can work with any edition in circulation without the need for reprints or QR codes. The process is easy for the publisher, all the developer needs is a copy of the original book to setup the technology platform. Features that include the ability to hook into existing sales pipelines so customers can order copies of the physical book from within the app are also possible.

New Books
This is an area where the potential is really exciting. The opportunity for the author, publisher and developer to collaborate together and deliver an integrated experience. The book can be designed in a way that the AR enhances the page and is an integral part of the story. Both the book and app can work together to promote one another or be sold as an integrated package.

The Market
The proliferation of mobile devices with cameras and an app based distribution platform has provided the opportunity to make the technology accessible and affordable to the masses. There have been numerous attempts to find the right format for the eBook. boooKAPP brings the best of both worlds, creating a new opportunity for physical books, new or old in a world where traditional industries are feeling the pressure of technology and its impact on their markets.

The app can be customised to suit with built in features or the ability to develop bespoke features for specific needs. There are licensing options for publisher branded boooKAPP's or features exclusive to their range.


“Mobile analyst Tomi Ahonen expects AR to be adopted by a billion users by 2020”

Source: c|net, June 2013

“Research shows smartphone penetration is growing and has reached; 70% in Australia, 65% Hong Kong, 75% Korea, 65% Sweden, 65% United Kingdom and 60% United States.”

Source: Our Mobile Planet, July 2013


Two Left Feet
Release Date: August 28, 2013
Platform: iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, iOS6.0 or later
Pricing: $4.99USD / $5.49 AUD / £2.99 / 2.79€
Official website:

Two Left Feet is a children’s book from acclaimed UK author and illustrator Adam Stower and published by Bloomsbury Publishing Plc. Everyone knows that monsters love to dance, and no monster loves to dance more than Rufus. So when an invitation arrives to attend a Grand Ball at the Glittering Palace, Rufus can barely contain his excitement. But finding a partner is going to be difficult especially when, like Rufus, you have two left feet. Unless, that is, there is something even better, but more unusual, than one right and one left foot!

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Two Left Feet receives Editors Choice Award for Children's Technology Review.
"CTR's Editor's Choice Award are given to only the highest quality children’s products in the interactive media category. These are “no fail” products, worthy of their cost, and able to keep children engaged for days at a time."



Two Left Feet wins at the Mobies

Winner in the design100 Australian Mobile Awards for "Best New App 2013" and Winner for "Children and Early Childhood Development" – 18th October 2013

“Augmented Reality apps are nothing new, but finding ones that work quite as seamlessly as this does is rare.”

ALEX KIDMAN, Gizmodo – full review + interview

“The idea of enhancing the book-reading experience with augmented reality is a brilliant one.”

MICHELLE STARR, c|net - full review

“I am very excited to see this new app breathe life into Rufus and his friends. I hope it will bring lots of extra enjoyment to fans of Two Left Feet, and introduce many new readers to Rufus too.”

ADAM STOWER, Author & Illustrator
The Developer


Animation and Visual Effects Showreel (above)
Studio website:

boooKAPP was developed by Australian animation and visual effects studio Resin. They have produced work for companies including Disney, Braun and Electronic Arts and have worked on films including Where the Wild Things Are and Red Dog

Resin and boooKAPP
Going back approximately two years we came across an AR execution. There wasn’t anything overly clever about the execution, it was not much more than some eye candy. BUT – that moment, our first hands-on interaction with the technology was significant. We are in a technology industry and this constant immersion equates to a difficult target audience to ‘wow’. Right then we said we need to look at this, imagine the potential, imagine the opportunities to take what we are doing in 3D animation and deliver that as AR. We set about developing boooKAPP and our debut title, Two Left Feet.

“It’s a great way to enhance rather than replace a physical book and we’re particularly keen to work on some classic favourites where there are millions of copies already on bookshelves.”

Grant Lovering, Creative Director
Resin and boooKAPP

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